XOXO_Przemiany festival in Copernicus Science Ceter_07
XOXO modular furniture system


Jakub Szczęsny

Author’s cooperation:

Natalia Buczkowska, Marysia Gajewska



Project description: For this year’s Przemiany ( Metamorphoses ) Festival in Warsaw Copernicus Science Center we’ve proposed a concept that is a natural successor of our Warschauer Traum project. It starts with a conclusion that temporary events generate masses of unnecessary trash that just a day before closing had high value and importance, but because of the ephemeral nature of the event it devaluated rapidly. What if we’d propose fittings and furniture that can serve longer than just 3-4 days and can be brought home by the public?

Project facts: Therefore we came out with XOXO, a system of plywood and cardboard modules that depending on configuration can become different pieces of furniture, starting with exhibition boxes, through stools and tables and finishing with ceiling decoration. Three 40x40cm modules make a stool, four and five make storage boxes that can be stacked and added to each other, depending on the necessity. After the last party a next event will than take place- the one of giving away modules to the public. Make sure to be there in the right moment and get at least three modules!