Regeneration of WARSZAWIANKA –
Sports Complex and Park
in Warsaw’s Mokotow District, Poland.

Simone De Iacobis
Grzegorz Gądek
Natalia Kowalska
Małgorzata Kuciewicz
Jakub Szczęsny

Marysia Gajewska
Emma Lucek
Magda Rychard
Beatrice Smigasiewicz

WARSZAWIANKA, an iconic modernist sports centre, was conceived in the 50s as a complex mechanism that connected humans with nature. Fundamental ideas presented within the original design remain vital in this proposal, leaving any intervention to take the form of preservation by management. The space is imbued with new life through thoughtful exposition of modernist heritage and its enhancement for the evolving social and natural environment. Warszawianka thus becomes a living monument, a platform that connects humans with nature through physical activity and culture.The grounds are to be perceived as a contemporary, complex equivalent to a sundial that will enable the users to place themselves in direct and indirect relation to BODY, TIME and GRAVITY.

The space acquires digital consciousnessenhancing interaction with existing and potential users. It transcends physical presence through multiple touch points and supplements it with self-triggered visual manifestations of users’ actions visible on site. It aims at lowering the threshold of entry, increasing user loyalty and supporting future data-driven development decisions.

The project road map and governance model of Warszawianka will be structured and documented in a way that will enable it to become an exemplary and transferable format of a public service addressing important social health and policy goals.