Warschauer Traum

Location: DMY Berlin, Tempelhof airport,

Time: 5-9.06.2013

Aleksandra Niepsuj,
Rafał Szczepaniak,
Michał Jońca,
Dominik Cymer,
Tymek Jezierski

Organizers: Instytut Polski w Berlinie, Centrala, Artanimacje

Partners: Maszyna do pisania, Miuki

Production: Michał Kałużny

Dream of Warsaw is basing on a simple conclusion that Warsaw requires a much longer and deeper presence in DMY public’s perception than just a couple of days of the very event in June 2013. For this reason the proposed object was made to perform it’s functions during two phases.
Phase one was when it served as a „shade maker” in a loud, overcrowded space of the festival. The object had a form of a tree cum cloud made out of particles being children’s mobiles, where pictures of infantile animals were replaced with colorful images depicting 28 Warsaw motives chosen by Jakub Szczęsny and depicted by five upcoming Warsaw-based illustrators: Aleksandra Niepsuj, Rafał Szczepaniak, Michał Jońca, Dominik Cymer and Tymek Jezierski and accompanied by texts written by Typewriter Cooperative. During DMT tired viewers can relax on poufs under the sheltering installation.

Phase two was aimed at slightly a different public, being DMY viewer’s children. By the end of the festival the installation was be demounted into it’s particles composed out of smaller mobiles with just eight illustrations per piece. This way, about one hundred mobiles were distributed to the public and hopefully brought home to perform the role of regular mobiles hung above children’s beds. Hopefully, the images of Warsaw will therefore become part of childhood of many young Berliners!

Warschauer Traum_Jakub Szczes ny_photo Michał Kałużny_8
Warschauer Traum_Jakub Szczęsny_photo_1
Warschauer Traum_Jakub Szczes ny_photo Michał Kałużny_4