The Lace-installation in the Garden of Nations, Ramallah, Palestinian Autonomy


Jakub Szczęsny
Author’s cooperation:

Tomasz Gancarczyk

Project coordination:

Barbara Urban, Office of the Representative of the Republic of Poland


Office of the Representative of the Republic of Poland to the Palestinian National Authority

Garden of Nations, one of the rare public spaces is the booming Palestinian capital was ment to become a representation space, where art pieces donated by different countries would coexist. Relatively small scale of the park leads to inevitable effect of visual overcrawding and competition of free-standing sculptures. To minimise the danger of entering into the same logic The Lace is a shadow-maker „glued” to the wall encompassing the park.

It allows people to hide from the sun being a sort of tridimensional pocket. The Lace is a steel structure made out of 220 circular modules referring to a decorative Polish folk art motive used for Christmas tree decorations made out straw. The opening is planned for spring 2010.