The Louisville Table


Jakub Szczęsny

Project assistant:

Symon Harrah

GE coordinator:

Venkat Venkatakrishnan

Art coordinators / producers:

Ayelet Aldouby,

Theo Edmunds,

Joshua Miller


General Electric Appliances, Louisville, Kentucky



Ideas 40203,

Residency Unlimited




GE archive

This table is an effect of a fruitful cooperation possible thanks to an art initiative of two organisations who joined forces to make an artist / designer infiltrate into Firstbuild, a wonder lab of GE Appliances placed in Louisville. I was „parachuted” into the heart of Kentucky to deal with engineers, marketing specialists, managers and local activists. The starting point was a conclusion that the wealthy capital of Kentucky, Louisville, is basing on pletora of communitarian and gastronomic traditions that immigrants brought from all over the world and that due to a lack of appropriate cooking tools or devices many of these traditions, including the ones related to storytelling and singing, are simply vanishing.

I wanted to provide such a tool, so people could prepare food, from sushi and flat breads to salad and fondue preparation together. The table can be moved troughout the interior of the house, can also be placed on a terrace. It’s equipped with an induction cooker but also contains a low-tech solution, being refrigeration and heating drawers, where the appropriate temperature is maintained by use of previously cooled or heated piece of marble, so our piece of tuna is always with us… Three working prototypes were developed and sold to private collectors, though maybe one day the table would turn into a mass product available to all American cooking afficionados!