Taburete Towers


Jakub Szczęsny




Suprita Moorthy


Manisha Vyas


November 2019


Polish Institute, Trojan Ply


Sartaj Tanweer

Some could Say it’s a representation of how badly we redistribute the goods in our societies. Others would interpret it as architect’s childish yet unfulfilled dream of building a skyscrapper or see in it a reference to Luis Barragan’s towers from Ciudad Satelite. None of the above. It’s just a stack of fancily shaped plywood stools that for the period of Bengaluru By Design festival took a form of something recalling towers / skyscrappers or a termitiere. This vertical accent was placed in the foreground of Bangalore International Centre, a cultural venue open for city’s inhabitants. After ten days of the duration of the festiwal it was dismantled into 70 heavy duty stools made out of gurjan wood that people who cued on the evening of finissage could receive and bring home. This way all the effort that was put in designing, fabricating and assembling the installation will hopefully not be lost: people will remember the festival, the installation and the very author by using the stools in their everyday surrounding. Plus, the entire proces plays a role of a manifesto of the organizers: „Design is for everyone”.