Synchronicity 2


Jakub Szczęsny


Kaja Pawełek,

Artur Kolanowski,

Witek Komarczewski,

Marek Tkaczyk


Bęc Zmiana Fundation

In frame of the second issue of architecture/art festival SYNCHRONICITY, Warsaw City Council commissioned a an installation that would interfere with the new city program of the revitalization of Vistula riverside. A floating island came out as a natural idea, as islands/platforms symbolize authonomy from reality serving as ideal figures or conceptualization spaces.

Jakub Szczęsny: I’ve proposed a systematic approach: a water treatment plant powered by human muscles by Warsaw inhabitants performing fitness exercises and pumping poluted river water via kinetic pumps integrated in the fitness machines to four filters and four tanks to a fountain basin at the very end of the cycle. The whole installation is supposed to perform a role of a propaganda tool changing the consciousness of Warsawers by showing the efficiency of human action in the process of puryfing the waters of their river. What’s meaningful, is the fact, that many Poles, even after twenty years of liberalization, still don’t believe in their own potential as individuals or members of commuities, in positively changing their life environment.