Synchronicity 1


Jakub Szczęsny


since 2008


Warsaw, the archway under the Łazienkowska Route in the Agrykola Park


Bęc Zmiana Fundation


Tomasz Dubiel

Under a dark underpass down the busy Łazienkowska Route, that divides two picturesque parks: Agrykola Park and Park na Skarpie, dozens of colorful (red, yellow and green) lamps have been attached as a result of an idea of Jakub Szczęsny, an architect. Whenever someone appears in the area during a night, light flash sequences brighten up the darkness.

Simple conception based on spotlighting effect is meant to modify the perception of the public space. It is also an invitation for a walk, an answer to night flanuers’ needs and an attempt of a city’s synchronization. The light installation by Jakub Szczęsny is a part of the project SYNCHRONICITY_Warsaw. Projects for the Future Warsaw and is coordinated by the Bęc Zmiana Foundation.