PLATO table for PAGED Furniture


Jakub Certowicz

Things get complicated when work and family life overlap too much. To make it worse, our apartments are getting smaller, especially when they get overtaken by all that comes with home office. After the pandemics, keeping work-life balance became even more challenging because we have turned our homes into global offices. This is why we developed PLATO: a double-decker of sorts that creates extra space for all-work paraphernalia below the main surface of the table. Finished eating? Bring your laptop back on the table. Done with the job? Move it back below the table-top and go on with quality time. To make table’s modus operandi more understandable the designer adorned it with a print depicting the ways in which the piece can be used. The print was inspired by DIY tailoring magazines from his childhood. “It’s a DIY life afterall!” I say. One thing is for sure: with Plato you won’t take your laptop cables for spaghetti anymore!