TOTEM jewellery box PAGED Furniture


Jakub Szczęsny

Execution design:

Scenografia Wnuk


The Black Horse

Design and realisation:


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Wojciech Stachowiak,
Magdalena Kicińska,
Jakub Szczęsny

Imagine an island. An island made of plywood placed not in a middle of an ocean but in a vast space of an exhibition hall. The island has an ondulating, fluid coastline. It’s elevated above the surface of the surrounding material, so weary visitors can use it as a bench. There are trees growing out of it and between the trees animals of different shapes and colors live in peace. When a newcomer comes closer he might realize, that the animals are in fact pieces of furniture. Stools, chairs, benches and armchairs standing under the trees as if they were curious forest birds and mammals. Chirping, tweeting, barking, whistling, roaring, booming, croaking, noozing and meowing. An entire spectacle waiting there for discoverers to experience. Sail to our shores, o brave sailor, and live the adventure!


The stand for Paged Furniture in 2023 Salone del Mobile is composed out of two Island-alike forms with geodesic layers enabling elevation of exhibited pieces to different heights. The stand is meant to be different by all means: first of all because it shows a collection with a strong artistic concept that separates the past of Paged Meble as brand from the future that will be represented by a far-reaching and multidimensional strategy. Alter Ego is a temporary experiment, a sort of interludium that is supposed to attract attention, apart from piece sit shows, to a brand that has little international recognition. Another differenciating dimension is that our Island is very different from how most house-alike stands look alike at Salone, since it’s look is a one ofa an art. installation rather than the one of a furniture saloon with dimmed lights, surrounding walls and smell of luxury. 


Our aim was to make a totally recyclable stand that will travel to a numer of locations and won’t be thrown to a trash bin after the venue. We’ve used our cheapest plywood, trees that will be replanted after the fair, a courtain and a floor that will serve during other expositions. Why? Becuase I’m sick and tired of festive logic where things are expensive and impotant during the time of the venue, but the night after they become useless and end up as in many cases unrecyclable trash.


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