Krzysztof Banaszewski
Małgorzata Kuciewicz
Jakub Szczęsny

Współpraca autorska:
Dominik Strzelec


Radek Polak

The term OHEL, which stands for a tent, has a lot of connotations in the Jewish culture. It symbolized bringing people together. Our tent was supposed to give the very first idea of the public space and structure of the Museum of the history of Polish Jews in Warsaw by Finnish dup Landelma & Mahlamaki. The main idea of the pavilion was to promote and inform about the building to be erected.

The space under the roof served as a temporary forum for presentations, thought exchange and discussions. The shape and role of the tent corresponded to the future main lobby of the museum building.It provided a space for exhibitions, workshops, lectures, concerts and press conferences. The pavilion withstood three years. Dimentions: 18 by 18 by 5 with the height of the tent 4.5 m. The under the roof area was ca. 95 sq m.