Keret House

Author: Jakub Szczęsny

Patron: Etgar Keret


Sarmen Beglarian,

Sylwia Szymaniak

Executive producer:

Joanna Trytek


Fundacja Polskiej Sztuki Nowoczesnej

Project realised thanks to help of Bureau of Culture of City of Warsaw 

Project is partnered by NationalCulture Center ( NCK ) 



General contractor:



Bartek Warzecha

Model 1:25 of the Keret House is now in NY MoMA’s permanent collection! MoMA Number: 322.2014

Three years have passed, since it’s first presentation as a slightly impossible artistic concept during WolaArt festival in 2009. Today Keret House proves to be a possible venture, thus it costed The Fundation of Polish Modern Art and me a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Everything seemed to stand on its way: the space narrowness, the infrastructure, law and money. But since its creators were persistent and devoted to the vision, they’ve managed to convince and persuade other people: neighbors, authorities, administrators, sponsors and builders. Today the house, or rather an art installation of some 14m2 stands between two buildings by Żelazna St. in Warsaw!
I’d like to express my gratefulness to all, who believed and helped us. Thank you!Jakub Szczęsny
ps. Not to omit my dear fiancee Marta, who was of great support all this time!

In the crack between the buildings on 22 Chłodna St. and 74 Żelazna St., Jakub Szczęsny designed an art installation entitled Etgar Keret’s House, which shall become the narrowest house in Warsaw, since its interior will come to 133 centimeters in the widest spot.

Ermitage will be a workplace, a hermitage created for an outstanding Isreali writer, Etgar Keret. Besides, it will also fulfill a function of a studio for invited guests – young creators and intellectualists from all over the world. The residential program, conducted in the heart of Wola, is supposed to produce creative work conditions and become a significant platform for world intellectual exchange.