House FD35_1 a.k.a. #1 for Freedom Houses


SZCZ Jakub Szczęsny


Freedom Houses of Grupa Ekoinbud

With this project we are bringing modular, one-piece prefabrication to the next level. This 35m2 cabin, no building permit needed, can be comiled with a loggia module in various configurations. The cabin itself offers two separate, closable rooms joined by a walk-through kitchenette and a bathroom. All rooms, including the bathroom, have French windows enabling the users to walk out directly from any of them onto the loggia or terrace. Both modules can be mirrored, put together or distorted towards it’s other in order to avoid the trees. Also both of them can be placed directly on prefabricated concrete elements available in any location. The cabin is avaliable in plaster and wood finishing.