House FD1_S a.k.a. #4 for Freedom Houses


SZCZ Jakub Szczęsny


Freedom Houses of Grupa Ekoinbud

With just 70m2 in footprint this small house takes from our experience with recreational huts. It’s main features are spatial efficiency and evolutionary design. The efficiency comes from an approach in which we pack various interior sinto a relatively small house keeping their usability and enabling IKEA-grade furniture to fit in. The evolutionary dimension, unique on the market, enables the house to grow with the family. From 2 bedrooms variation to 4 and from 3 to 5. How? By filling the void above the living area with up to 2 extra rooms! All this without the necessity of adding extra „blocks” to the house and therefore without all bureaucracy related to it.

The house is in fact a system of relatively small elements that include also two types of garages, two types of roof-covered carports, a garden studio and a tool shed. These can be placed like playing boxes on the plot according to legal, spatial and functional limitations. This way the client with a servicing local architect can obtain a unique configuration of elements on the site. Ontop of this, there are some 10 versions of outdoor finishings and colors available and a numer of possible types of terraces. Yet, even in it’s basic, „0” version, the house is fully operational.

Produced by an experienced prefabrication factory from Gdańsk it is available for small, personal developments and for bigger multi-unit investments.