Corelation Installation


Jakub Szczęsny

In frame of exhibition „All around” curated by Aneta Szyłak


PLASTECH Marek Tkaczyk

The exhibition encompasses twenty years of Polish art after liberalization with works of several artists.
Curator asked for an object binding together both practical dimension of a bookshelf for a library opened spacially for exhibition’s occasion and a quality of an art object. Finally the bookshelf adresses the issue of evolving society with a structure increasingly complicating itself, depicted by German sociologist/philosopher Peter Sloterdijk with a simple figure of a foam in his trilogy „Die Sphaere”. A five-meter long net of pvc stripes changes it’s geometry every sixty seconds moved by an electrical engine placed above a steel frame that handles the whole structure causing astonishment, shock and hopefully reflection to unprepared library’s visitors.