A springtime variety of graphic works


Jakub Szczęsny

2024 came with many new long-term projects but also with surprising graphic and illustration cameos for different occasions.These include: t-shirt designs for Gdynia City Museum action during The Night of Museums (and the closing of my retrospective there) with Lemur Warrior, Lemur Sailor litographies and Lemur Rider. Lemur Warrior ended up on thousands of pieces of clothing printed during the event. Than there were commemorative playful logotypes for the 15th anniversary of Design Alive magazine with D and A letters becoming a Demon Kitty. It was turned into a limited issue of t-shirts. Last but not least there came the drawing for a sticker action by curator, artist and LGBT+ activist Todd Lester who invited me to participate with a following brief based on his dream, it seams. Todd asked: „Please draw a devil sitting in one’s head and the devil’s tail sticks out from man’s ear like a thread.”. Hell of a challenge it was! The stickers end up in all kind of random places- from Brazil to Tennessee and NY.